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The Magic Fairy Tree - Teacup Fairy Gardens

Teacup Fairy Garden

We love making these little fairy gardens. These are so simple to make but if you prefer to buy one already made, we also sell them in our shop.

We filled a large teacup with succulent soil and then planted a variety of succulent cuttings from our garden. It's very easy to take cuttings from your own plants. Simply cut a stem and place in some water for a few days until the roots start to grow. You can also place freshly cut stems directly into soil.

Once you've finished planting, scatter some small pebbles on top which not only help to keep the moisture in the soil, but they also create a nice finish on top of the soil. Succulents tolerate dry conditions very well but if you do look after them with regular watering they will reward you by flourishing. Don't over water. Just a spray or small watering from time to time.

We've included two of our Magic Kingdom Fairy Girl Figurines in our miniature garden. Click here to purchase or see our other fairy figurines here and miniature fairy garden accessories here.

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