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So sweet.  The fairies have converted a mushroom into a teapot tea room for high tea.   Complete with sign that reads "Fairy High Tea. Bookings 1300fairy" (please note, you need a telephone provider from Fairyland to book).  The sign on the door reads "open". 


It looks stunning during the day with a lovely pink roof and a speckle of glitter.  And as night falls, the lights come on to create a magical glow in your garden.


It is manufactured in high quality poly resin, hand-painted and sealed with weather-resistant finishes. It is battery operated and comes fitted with a rechargeable AA battery. Just place it in a sunny spot in the garden and the solar panel will recharge during the day. It measures about 25cm high.


This item is for decorative use only and is not intended as a toy. Our items are not suitable for very young children.

Solar teapot tea house


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