Solar Green Man Dryad Reading Book


We love this.  This sums up all the Magic Faraway stories and all the whimsical magic of  fairies at the bottom of the garden and tree sprites.  A lovely, wise, friendly face is depicted in the trunk of the tree.  His arms are outstretched reading a book.  At the base of the trunk is a safe nook for fairies and sprites.  Place in a sunny position in the garden and at night time the nook lights up.  The nook is also a perfect spot to place a fairy or sprite (not included).  This one is great for the grown ups as well as the children.


It is manufactured in a high quality poly resin, hand-painted then sealed with weather-resistant finishes. It is battery operated and comes fitted with a rechargeable AA battery.


It measures approximately 25cm high x 20cm wide x 11cm deep.


This item is for decorative use only and is not intended as a toy. Our items are not suitable for very young children.

Solar Green Man Dryad Reading Book